Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I am back from working in Fairbanks, AK for a week, and MIT is ramping up for sectionals. We still have a ton to learn (starting disc in ho on sideline, getting comfortable with the second and third dump option, zone O with an active mark / off point, bookending D, etc.) and we are rapidly running out of time.

I hope we make it out of sectionals for the sole reason to extend the season because the team is really starting to gel and grow now at a fairly fast rate. It would be terrible if the season ended Sunday (let alone Saturday).

We have 2 practice days (tues and thurs) and 1 scrimmage with Tufts (Wed). Tufts looks very, very strong this year (for our region anyway), and will be the #1 seed at sectionals this weekend.

There are 5 spots for regionals up for grabs, and I really think it will be a dog-fight between 4-5 teams for the last 3 spots. Hopefully we will play well and won't get put into the death-march of a 5th place bracket since we have about 17 players on our team that aren't injured with a large talent spread (think A and B team combined).

This also presents problems at practice having the better players pushed, so I have been having either the coaches, some ironside guys, or some friends and college players taking the semester off from other schools come out to practices. I hope in the long run this is better. Anything is better than having 13 at practice though.

We have been streaky, prone to come out slowly in games and then play catch-up which is really exhausting for the "starters", and I hope starting this week that will change.

should be fun. I hope to update after Wednesday since I get 2 days off of work to try to recapture the time i lost on 30 hours of plane rides.



Seigs said...
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Seigs said...

Are you sure Tufts will get the #1 seed? Just after a cursory glance at the season's scores, I would guess that Williams, or even Midd, would have the best claim to the one spot. Though knowing the Western NE section, it's almost certain that UMass will win and screw up everything.

Josh Mullen said...


Number 1 in the section. I can't even gander what the Region would be since I really think it depends on what happens out in western mass.

I heard dartmouth is super injured this year. Is this true?


Seigs said...

Ah, section, of course. I always think region first since our section never gave us too much trouble...

I haven't followed Dartmouth too closely. I have heard the squad has been affected by injuries...

I hope it's true.