Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I never put on a uniform to play a game.

..... I put on a uniform to win. - Larry Bird

I have never had the desire to impose your will to win on a game more succinctly described than that. Read those two sentences again, and again, and again.

This year, MIT got jerseys early in the season, so a lot of people received jerseys who eventually cut themselves because they couldn't handle the late night winter practices, track workouts, and outside practice on the astro-turf in 25 degree weather. In my mind it cheapened what a uniform stands for or what it means to belong to it.

If I had my way, the jerseys would have been passed out shortly before sectionals. By then, the roster is set, those who still remain know what it means to work for one another, has been through the ups and downs, and understands what it means to take a group of individuals and make it something greater than the sum of those individuals.

In essence, what it is to be a TEAM. Everyone is working to bring out the strengths of each other while letting others lean on them to overcome their weaknesses.

We are in bonus ball time. Every point we win means that we get to play one more point with each other. And, if you think about it, that is really what we are fighting for; to extend the season.

We are going into regionals seeded 8th. Anyone in the top 12 or so could beat anyone. The difference is all about who wants to win. And, hopefully, looking into your teammates eyes early saturday morning will be reason enough to get that fire, that ball of hate for the other team trying to end your season.

Play with your heart.

We come out flat too often. We wait around until we are down 4-0 and then start slowly playing, sometimes, we don't even start until the second half. Don't wait for a reason.....

i could write pages and pages about the difference between wanting to want to win, and flat out wanting to win, but i think al pacino says it best.

http://youtube. com/watch? v=9rFx6OFooCs

That is heart, that is the ball of hate, and that working so hard for every inch of the field for your teammate and brother so you can play one more second, one more point, one more game, and one more tournament with him.

You guys have worked so hard to build back from 2 years ago. Don't throw it away by waiting for a reason to play D.

Work hard, take the extra few steps to set up a cut, step out on your throw, clear hard, or reposition yourself on D.

Don't wait for a reason. Do not wait for a reason.

You already have a reason: each other.

Stomp on their throats. Don't let anyone or anything stand in your way.

Inch by inch.....Tech on seven

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