Thursday, February 12, 2009

Away I go...

So, yesterday MIT had the last practice i will be at for over 2 weeks (st. lucia here i come!!).

There is still a lot to work on, and we have very far to go if we want to meet our goal of being a regionally competitive team.

The captains and leaders of the team sat down with me and we figured out a game plan for the next couple of weeks.

We need to work on zone offense as we haven't really taught it in full yet. MIT runs a two handler offense (they sort of ran a bad 2 or 3 handler offense in vegas), and we use a lot of handler motion to break the cup.

We have a couple good handler's this year that need to learn the system for it to be effective.

We also need to work on cutting in flow. The handlers are hesitant to throw the swing (note to aspiring college/club handlers, always be that guy who throws the swing....), and the cutters don't cut off of each other well. We have some drills lined up to do that.

The biggest hurdle we face as a team is taking the majority of the team who have played little to no organized sports before and having them see the field, see the patterns, and use the patterns to get d's. Right now, everyone just reacts a step slow.

okay, i have a wedding to get ready for, so, I will get back at this in 2 weeks. with what we are doing to help raise people's field awareness (can you?). Any thoughts on this?


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